About Share3D

Project Description

The “Sharing new perspectives” project will contribute to increasing access to digital resources of European heritage in response to the Connecting Europe Facility’s deployment of the Europeana digital service infrastructure to encourage cross-border use and use of cultural heritage digital resources. The “Sharing new perspectives” project responds to the Council Conclusions which recall the importance of online access to cultural heritage “to enable access for all to culture and knowledge, promote richness and diversity of European cultural heritage and contribute to the achievement of the digital single market through the increasing offer of new and innovative products and services” and the challenge “to better reach and engage end-users, content shared through Europeana needs to be presented in attractive and diverse ways”.

The project will do this by using 3D as a driver to encourage users to discover, select and interact with content made accessible through Europeana. The “Sharing new perspectives” project responds to the objectives of the 2018 “European Year of Cultural Heritage” by providing tools that encourage users to explore Europe’s Cultural Heritage enabling them to highlight and enrich digital materials to tell unique stories, and to share their discoveries and appreciation with others. The project’s tools will enable users to both produce and consume digital cultural heritage content and to create new materials for personal interest, education, tourism, research and creative industry uses.

Project Duration

1st September 2018 – 28th February 2020

Project partners

Share3D project is a collaborative work among a consortium of 5 European organizations (including SMEs).