Case studies for research


Target Audience

The research audience includes:

  1. Researchers, scholars, lecturers from various scientific fields of the humanities and the science. .
  2. Students within the fields of the humanities and the sciences.
  3. Personnel  cultural NGOs and Cultural Heritage Institutions

Envisaged scenario for this audience

Recent technological advancements have made a tremendous impact in both the humanities and the sciences.  For example, 3D laser scanning offers a sophisticated method of documenting and studying archaeological sites and biological specimens. Researchers are scanning and documenting archaeological sites and objects in museum collections around the world.

Researchers who are uploading 3D content to Sketchfab, can use the Share3D Dashboard tool to capture metadata to describe their content in detail.  The Dashboard provides a tool which integrates Linked Open Data and encourages best practices such as the licencing of content. The resulting metadata is compatible with modern open science approaches by enabling the dissemination and re-use of scholarly content.

The Dashboard provides a tool which produces well formatted XML records that are compatible with EDM (the Europeana Data Model).  This can be used by Research Supervisors to demonstrate to their research students the process of creating the documentation needed to support access to digital cultural heritage objects and which is needed for deposit in a digital archive. 

Use of the Storymaker for this audience

Lecturers and research supervisors can use the Storymaker to integrate 3D content in class presentations and discussions with their students. 

Students of higher education institutions can use the Storymaker to integrate 3D content and other digital materials in scientific reports, for seminars or other presentations including defence of their theses.  Having access to the huge variety of resources available via Europeana and Sketchfab opens the possibilities for students to explore ideas, topics and materials from cultural heritage institutions with no physical presence.

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