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Target Audience

The research audience includes:

  1. Researchers, scholars, lecturers from various scientific fields (especially archeology, anthropology, history and related subjects).
  2. Students within the fields of archeology, anthropology, history and related subjects.
  3. Cultural NGOs, Cultural Institutes, Museums.

Envisaged scenario for this audience

Recent technological advancements have made a tremendous impact in the fields of biological anthropology and archaeology. In particular, 3D laser scanning offers a sophisticated method of documenting and studying prehistoric human skeletons and remote archeological sites. Therefore the Dashboard tool can benefit for the researchers in order to preserve their valuable data as well as use 3D methods in collaborative scholarly research projects.

Since now high resolution images from laser scanning devices become available, enabling researchers to scan and archive skeletal collections from archaeological sites and museum collections around the world, the Dashboard and the Storymaker tools can serve the researchers to record, analyze and share their collections captured. Moreover such methods can be used to preserve and document osteological material in museums, develop research ideas in the subfields of biological anthropology or others.

The Dashboard can also become a platform for preservation and access of cultural heritage objects as a digital archive network for anthropology, archeology or as a digital record of skeletal collections for museum archives. Such network can serve both for students and researchers, lecturers.

Use of the Storymaker for this audience

Using the Storymaker academic staff can also employ the 3D laser scans for in-class presentations and discussions with their students of higher education. As well as that 3D projects can possibly employ prehistoric and modern skeletal samples.

Students of higher education institutions can also have a considerable benefit of the tools. They can either contribute with the scanned materials to the Dashboard of use the digital images for scientific research or thesis defense using the Storymaker. In addition to that, having as access to Europeana and Sketchfab opens the possibilities for students to explore archeological sites with no physical presence.

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