Case studies for the creative industries


In the creative industries domain,  a case study will demonstrate the development of an educational game focused on a cultural object (3D model). The process will use gamification techniques making use of content available within the storytelling tool through Europeana and Sketchfab. Ideally the use case is for:

A. Designers

  • creating 3D models,
  • using the dashboard to upload their 3D media to Sketchfab and Europeana,
  • using the storytelling tool to select other materials from Europeana and Sketchfab and create  game quizzes, game stories or other gaming activities.

B. Game creators

  • enabling 3D objects to be incorporated into games that will allow players to explore remotely a cultural object, place, monument, etc.
  • design a game that is realistic and relates to a cultural object (or set of objects) to meet the needs of a game play.
  • Potential users: Designers, SMEs, Game studios, Film makers
  • Skills: Excellent
  • Prerequisite services/tools: SketchFab, Europeana, Blender, 3D design professional tools

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