Case studies for tourism


Target Audience

  1. SMEs (Small and medium-sized enterprises or small and medium-sized businesses) operating in tourism and entertainment industries distributed across five main groups: food and beverage services, recreation and entertainment, transportation, accommodation and travel services.
  2. Professionals and freelancers operating in tourism and entertainment industries (i.e., tourist guides, tour operators and etc.).
  3. National policy-makers, governmental bodies and associations that are operating within tourism and entertainment industries.
  4. Museum curators or other culture based staff involved in tourism sector.  
  5. Tourist information desks and centres.
  6. Service providers for tourism and entertainment industries players.
  7. Mobile tourism and navigation app developers.

Envisaged Dashboard scenario for this audience

A potential scenario in which the tourism industry could make use of the Share3D dashboard is one in which there is a collaboration between a national or regional tourist board and cultural institutions to promote an area.  Under this scenario, the organisations involved commission the creation of 3D models of sites, buildings or objects that are uploaded to Sketchfab and shared with Europeana via the Dashboard. This would enable tourism enterprises and others to share their content with the broad public and enable its re-use .

Tourism is closely related to the design and planning of urban environments. The creation of 3D models of historic buildings, urban areas and archaeological monuments may be requested by the governmental institutions as part of the planning process. In some cases  three-dimensional city models are created, components of which (e.g. individual buildings) can be uploaded on Sketchfab and shared with Europeana via the share3D dashboard.  

Another potential scenario is by individual tour guides who are expert in the cultural heritage and interested in creating 3D models for upload to Sketchab and to be shared with Europeana via the Dashboard.  

Use of the Storymaker for this audience

One anticipated scenario is the use of the Storymaker by  tour guides Storymaker tool to create virtual tours through the main landmarks of the city/country for regular visitors and also to offer tours for people with limited mobility or who are unable to visit in person.

Another scenario is the use of the Storymaker by exhibition organisers to offer tourists/potential visitors an online preview of the exhibition and a way of interacting with the objects on display.   

Business enterprises could make use of the Storymaker in their marketing strategies to develop materials for their websites – for example showing local cultural heritage landmarks in 3D format with historical information from the archives. 

Another scenario is the use of the Storymaker by regional and national tourist boards as a way of creating interactive presentations for web dissemination, exhibitions and fairs to promote visits.  Local tourist information offices could use the Storymaker to create digital content – e.g. guides, routes and presentations highlighting cultural heritage sites, landmarks, museums, etc. The tool allows tourism officers to add text and hotspots to 3D models to describe the sites and customise the offer. 

Another application for tourism is the use of the Storymaker to create timelines for historical areas.  Such timelines could be created by tourist boards, businesses or venues.  

There is potential to create mobile applications based on stories prepared in the Share3D storymaker.   

In the context of town planning, the Storymaker could be used as a way of visualising proposed modifications and as a way of collecting feedback from citizens as part of the urban design and planning process.

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